Brave took all Opera passwords

Hello. I a curious note, o maybe not.
I have MX Linux, This distro is based on Debian (Buster). Also, I have Opera browser in last version.
This browser (Opera) have all passwords to navigation page. I needed bookmarks pages to Brave browser, so I created a backup (only bookmarks) So…

  1. I downloaded and installed the latest version of the brave browser from the official website (for terminal).
  2. I started the brave browser and installed the backup of my favorites
  3. To my surprise, all my passwords were already inside the brave browser.

I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even install or log in at any time. And it’s the first time I install Brave on that machine.
I am calm why no page was signed in, I had to log in manually, but Brave automatically filled out the forms, when it was the first time I started the application.
Synchronization doesn’t work because of a problem raised in this forum. So, I don’t know what to think.
How could you pass all my passwords to brave without any intervention? Do you share code or resources between Opera and Brave?
Or can it be that by sharing the same core (chromium) they also share passwords? Anyway, that shouldn’t happen.
Well, thank you very much and I hope you verify this. I have returned to Brave because I see that it works very well, but these details, make me think about it. Despite that, I will continue with brave.
Note: This only happened to me in MX Linux, nothing happened from the previous problem in Windows 10, having both browsers.

Can you elaborate a bit on this? How exactly did you backup your data in Opera? Additionally, when you say you “installed the backup of your favorites” – what exactly did you do?

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