Brave took 210 seconds to open this site

I just had another user reporting this behavior as well. We’re kind of interweaving a few different problems here and I’d like to stay on track here:

  1. Slow speeds – I think I’m still of the opinion that this isn’t a Brave issue specifically. Please let me know if you continue to experience slow speeds, especially if they are isolated to Brave.
  2. Clear cookies toggle – Can you try toggling the option in your image above “off”, then selecting the appropriate boxes in the On exit tab in Clear browsing data? After doing so, quit the browser, relaunch and note whether or not the data selected is cleared.
  3. Garbage cans – Can you elaborate a bit on what you’re referring to here?

OK Resetting my modem took care of the speed issue for now. So far the settings are holding when I close and then reopen Brave. The garbage cans.

Some of these sites were moved from the Block column to the to the Allow column further down the page. They had a little garbage can icon next to them like they controlled a storage cache. So I emptyed them just to be sure. And they disappeared.

@Fistfullofknuckles, that is correct – if you were to visit those sites and they would take up cache memory, the trash cans would reappear should you want to clear cache for that specific domain.

OK … On the re setting of the "clear cookies and other data when you quit Brave"switch. It looks like when you open Brave and “clear data” immediately , this switch shuts off by itself. Maybe the default is “off”.

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