Brave Tokens not adding up

I am receiving ads but no tokens are adding up. Please see images:

Windows 11 Operating System and Brave version 1.62.165
Verified custodian - Zebpay (VERIFIED)
I am in a supported region
I am a new user, please help :frowning:

@Mahwish I’m not sure where you’re confused? Based on what you’ve shown, your estimated earnings is between 0.704-0.895. When the month ends, that gets sent out as payments.

Your earnings accrue from the 1st until the last day of the month, at which point the estimated earnings (earnings so far this month) goes back to 0 because it is a new month. Brave then reconciles all the ads you have seen and readies payments, which begin getting sent out in batches around the 7th of each month. Sometimes you receive this right away and other months you will wait 2-3 weeks to receive. You can always see payout status at Ads Payout Status Update

Looking at your screenshots, it lets us know you have no BAT in your ZebPay. But it is showing that you have seen ads and earned some BAT that you’ll receive when it pays out. So what’s the issue? Are you saying you used in prior months and received no payment?

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Oh, I thought the estimated stuff was not real token and just an approximation based on my activity. I was more focused on the part showing ‘0 tokens’. Never knew how the payout works(been using Brave since a week). Thank you for help :slight_smile:

It used to just give one solid number, which was an approximation. But after people would complain in some months because they’d get paid less (like maybe it said they earned 5 BAT and they only got paid 4.5). So Brave adjusted it to be the range of numbers, so it’s more accurate.

The reason why it’s a range is because of how I mentioned it all gets reconciled. Sometimes there are a variety of reasons why ads can’t be reconciled in a certain month. If that happens, the balance from those ad campaigns will “roll forward” to the next month. So like in the example of getting 4.5 instead of 5, the 0.5 would have been in the estimated earnings for new month despite not having seen any ads yet. (so you still get it, but that portion of ads might be delayed to the following month)

That little history lesson aside, I do want to let you know that in March, if you see that the status update I linked to you says ZebPay payments are complete but you haven’t received yours, then you’ll need to do a Rewards Support Ticket at They will then figure out what the issue might be and get it resolved, if it’s an issue that can be. Hopefully you’ll have no problems, but just wanted to make sure you are aware of this. Payment related issues can’t be resolved here on Community and always will require a support ticket.

And I’ll stress again, payments don’t officially begin until the 7th. This means for a week or so it will look like everything vanished. Don’t freak. It just will start the new month’s estimation and then eventually you’ll get your ZebPay payment.

Final Note

Might want to check out Information for users connected to ZebPay

If nothing else, want to stress that if you sweep your earnings to ZebPay, you need to “use it or lose it.” You are required to do one crypto transaction each month (receiving BAT doesn’t count) or they have a fee. So if you sweep it in and do nothing, ZebPay will likely take it all out of your account for their service fee. However, if you leave nothing in your account, there is no fee.

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