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In month of February so far I have clicked on 40 ads(India), somewhere I checked for each add brave rewards with 0.05 BAT. so total will be 40*0.05 =2 and somewhere 0.010 which should be 0.4 BAT either should be rewarded for me, but in my estimated earnings the calculation is way less than the previous month which I clicked 10-15. Can anyone tell me the actual reward for 1 add and how to check add wise rewarded value?

  1. You do not need to click on an ad to get rewarded.

  2. Check

  3. What is shown on the widget or on the reward’s page is an estimate. It is not the actual correct info. It can be plus or minus. Eg, It shows 2.4 BAT but in reality it is around 2.2 BAT.

@bharath.madduri I see chh_68 answered your question and there’s not much I can add, but just going to rephrase a little and maybe add a very tiny detail or two.

Indeed, as he said, you get absolutely no BAT for clicking on ads. You only are paid for them appearing on your device. No interaction needed. In fact, Brave asks you only click on ads you are interested in.

Why do you say 0.05? That’s not what every ad pays. It can help to check the link chh_68 provided above as it shows what ads are in your region, the maximum amount of times you can see each ad per day/week/month/or in total.

You really did lose me here. What are you saying?

Again, not about what you clicked. So if you had more ads show last time, then it would make sense. You also didn’t say how many ads it’s telling you that you’ve seen or the estimated earnings.

Ok, so repeating what chh_68 mentioned, you check ads in your region and what they pay at

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I am seeing ads but I am not generating any BATs for it. I only have 0.225 BATs since the 5th of February, but I have honestly seen about 2 BATs worth of ads. It is not adding to my wallet total (I Use Gemini). I think I am having a similar issue to you. Please help!

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There’s also a catch in this, I’m also getting 0.10 bat for each ads, but its seems like ads I’m getting are limited then previous month, I’m just getting max 5 ads per day now. There’s no profit in it :confused:

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