Brave tipping in my store

Is it really wrong to receive BAT as tip for my local store.
I introduced Brave browser to more than 300 people in my locality and I accept their tip as payment in my store. For some people (like in my country India)Earning 2-3 BAT can mean they can recharge their phone bill.
Recently my account was accused of fraud and I was denied a payment of 600 Bat which I have accumulated over 6 months from the tipping though my store.
Can someone clarify me about this .
I have paid out my tippers through services from my store. I have lost a fortune :sob::sob::sob:

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Sorry, I don’t know about that but you should not do that Because there is no fixed rate for BAT. maybe you will face Big loss.

But still, Reach out to @steeven He will help you

I hope you will get your payment soon

Prie fluctuations is not the problem here.
The problem is Brave denied my payment of approx 600 BAT and my account is disabled till now. And moreover I don’t understand how this dicision was made because I have been one of the first users of Brave browser since it’s inception
Is it really wrong to introduce Brave to my poor locality and use bat as means of payment .
What am I really doing wrong here.
Know that 600 BAT is my 1.5-2 yrs income :sob:

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Yes bro I can understand but don’t worry DM it to @steeven or @Mattches
He will Help you Surely.

and also Your account is in uphold or Gemini?

I have an uphold account

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If your account is under review, you should have received an email informing you to contact us at for further assistance. Please reach out to us there and remember that we get 100s - 1000s of support tickets every week and reviewing each account may take some time.

We appreciate your patience.