Brave throws me out of my gmail accounts

Hello All,

I need some help here.
I wanted to change my default account in gmail and so pressed “sign me out of all accounts”.
Since then Brave is throwing me every time out of my gmail accounts.
Every time I try to log in, it throws me out after a few minutes.

Also the xnotifier extension is not working anymore for gmail.
It does work for my outlook account.

How to solve this that I stay signed in?

Thanks for your help.

I removed xnotifier and until now I do not get kicked out gmail anymore.
Let’s see how long that last.
Now i would like to know how to make xnotifier work again on brave

I removed brave completely.
Rebooted the system and then installed brave again.
installed xnotifier again.
now it all seems to work again.
So it looks like it is solved.

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