Brave technical debt in a video game


We are conducting a research on technical debt and ended up using the Brave code base to test our tool. We are currently evaluating the tool and would love it if any brave developer/contributor would like to try it out. Let me explain what it is exactly.

What ? We made a web browser video game that allows you to visualize the technical debt of Brave’s codebase (code smells, bugs, vulnerabilities). It is played similarly to a dungeon crawler.

Why ? Because we thought that dashboards such as Sonarcloud don’t give you intuitive information on the state of the tech debt. With our game you can feel the debt by playing against it :person_fencing:

Now we need you ! to try out our gamified tool and tell us what you think :slight_smile:
For that we would like to do with you a 30min online interview so we can talk about it.

If you’re interested please email us at
so we can give you more information and maybe setup a meeting :grin:

Thank you,


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