Brave Talk - Multiple PC same account


I’m using Brave Talk premium and I have this problem.
I use 2 computers and create a Link for a recurrent daily meet, all works fine if I use the same computer, but if I open my premium account I cannot be the moderator, I mean, moderator only works on the first computer.

I just try to sync between 2 computers but doesn’t work.

Someboy with the same problem?

Hi @edwincastaneda

To clarify, you are logged into Brave Premium on both devices but you are only a moderator on one device?
Have you assigned the other devices as moderator?


If I used the other computer to access the meet logged in as premium, I’m not a setted as moderator, just another regular user.

The regular behaviour happens only if I don’t use another PC.

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Hi @edwincastaneda

I think there might be some misunderstanding?

When you start a call, the computer that you started the call from will automatically be assigned as moderator. However, if you join the call from another computer you will need to assign that device with moderator status (as show in my previous post) if you wish.

I recorded a Video.

Check it out.

Hi @edwincastaneda

Thanks for sharing that video, it does demonstrate better what you are trying to explain.

How Brave Talk is intended to work is that if you initiated the call from Device 1, it will be assigned automatically as moderator.

However, as you demonstrated in your video. Using the same link with Device 2 will not be automatically assigned moderator (regardless if you are signed into your premium account).
That call link will recognize that Device 1 is the moderator as Device 2 was only a invitee to the call. So therefore, you will need to have Device 1 to assign Device 2 with a moderator rights.

I hope this explains everything?

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Hello again!

Yes, completely explained.

Do you know if that’s normal behavior or is a bug?

That is intended behavior.

Thanks for your reply!

How can I handle this behavior?
Do you think google calendar plugin can solve the problem?

Hi @edwincastaneda please see above.