Brave Talk initial use feedback

Overall I was very pleased with the quality of the call and the features provided. I noticed that it seems to do a much better job than Zoom of allowing me to hear all participants when multiple people are talking at the same time. The UI is generally very clean, responsive and intuitive, well done.

I really like the fact that it doesn’t require an app and only the person initiating the call has to be in Brave.

I tried to enable subtitles, but I couldn’t figure out where they were displayed or if it was working at all.

I really liked the speaker stats feature and would like to be able to have it shown in a side tab instead of an overlay, perhaps an optional display in the participants screen. Making sure everyone gets airtime is an important aspect of facilitating and also it can help people to self moderate if they can see how much they are dominating the conversation. :slight_smile:

One big concern I have isn’t about a feature rather an adoption/pricing strategy. I don’t think people will be able to really see how it compares to their current video conferencing without having a meeting with at least 5 people. I happily signed up for premium because I’m a fan and it’s a reasonable price, but I worry that you won’t really get the adoption you deserve with people only trying a single person call. Many won’t even be aware that they haven’t seen how it compares, like the observation I made above of concurrent speakers.


I love this idea–the features you are adding are great! keep up the good work! More people just need to discover Brave. Need more PR

Another item, I had to search for where to give feedback. It took me a while to find this and I questioned if I was even leaving feedback in the right place. It would be good to have a direct way to give feedback from the Talk interface.

I am on Chromebook/Linux. I am finding that Brave Talk does NOT allow me access to the Camera here. In the Site Settings for , I have “Allow” for Camera, however, once in Brave Talk the icon for Camera is slashed out and it will not allow me access to Camera from there.

It appears that Chromebook does not support Camera on Linux if I am reading this correctly:

I sent the Brave Talk Meeting Room link to my wife as an experiment. She says that when she clicks on the Brave Talk Meeting Room link, it is telling her she has to download Brave. I thought the recipient of the link could use any browser.

I am using Brave on Chromebook/Linux. I sent the link to her on Facebook Messenger. She clicked the link on her Facebook Messenger on her iPhone.

Payed for Brave talk premium and used it for the first time with a few people last night. I really like it so far. I’m impressed with the number of features that are already present at launch.

Here, however are a few things I really want to see:

Make it possible to hide self view. Especially in the grid layout. (This is mission critical to me and will prevent me from using it professionally.)

Make it possible to rearrange video squares in the grid layout.

Do not fade between videos of the speakers in single-view layout. Simply cut to the speaker. This one is REALLY annoying and will also prevent me from using this software professionally for more than one person.

Make the links to the video shorter. I would like to have just one link that I give our to clients and reuse that link. But the super long link is ugly and difficult to use. Ideally I could even customize the link :grinning:_smile: !

Thanks, I don’t think I can use this for my work just yet, but I am really hoping it matures and becomes really usable!

Quick follow up on this, persistent links are a must for me to use this professionally. I need to have a single link that always allows me back into the same room as the moderator. It doesn’t work that way right now.