Brave taking up so much memory it keeps crashing or I can't work

You really should disable this extension, at least as a debugging step. Chromium browsers already have a tab suspension system built in called discarding which you can view at brave://discards (or in Chrome, chrome://discards). I don’t know about the extension in question - but there have been clear cases of malware, like with The Great Suspender.

If you don’t want to turn the extension off, there’s a way you can check the usage (CPU and memory). In Brave go up to the Hamburger menu (three lines, top right), pick More tools from the menu and then the sub-item Task manager.

With that open, you’ll want to look for Extension: Tab Suspender in there and watch what its usage is. You can right click in the middle of the task manager which will bring up a context menu with options… tick the box for Profile so you can get a breakdown. The Task manager will show which processes in Brave are running under which profile


I don’;t understand, you have to turn on this Chromium tab suspender feature? I’ve never heard of it before & my website coder mentioned it & he ONLY uses Chrome.

If you are saying it’s already turned on, then mine isn’t working either on Brave or Chrome. None of my tabs are suspended & I would like to turn off Tab Suspender, but if I do that, my memory will escalate a TON. I mentioned that already when I tried it with just one profile.

Ok, I did what you said & why is there an extension called Brave? LOL

Also, here’s MORE proof that what I said is true, it says I have profile 1 open when I don’t.

Profiles are NOT closing when I close them & it took me several times to get rid of cache when I did that the day I created a thread about that. I should be able to delete the cache on the first try.

So.clearly there are 2 bugs in Brave that need to be fixed.

Here’s a SS. You can see that Brave is 2nd & I don’t understand what that top one is other than it says CPU. What’s that mean?


Ok, well you said you have tons of extensions (sounds like more than mine), windows & tabs open just like me & you don’t have the same issues so… LOL

Here’s tab suspender -

Really I think there’s only 3 available from what I saw, but I didn’t look in the Chrome extension store.

Btw, just as an FYI, i was testing something for Odysee b/c I’m having major issues with it & I opened up Fx & only had one window & 2-3 tabs open & shockingly when I closed it, it decreased my memory by 2% which is NUTS.

I never use Fx anymore unless I’m testing a site.

I used to be a die hard Fx person back in the day before they screwed it up to be a memory hog. I heard that a year or two ago they fixed their memory issues, but clearly they have NOT.

Thank you for all of your help.

Now if only you could help me fix the Odysee issue LOL

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Thanks, that SS though is the Brave Task Manager again, not the Windows one. Shift+Esc will open the Brave one, whereas Ctrl+Shift+Esc will open the Windows one.

I forgot to mention though, once you do get the Windows one open, you may have to click ‘More details’ in the lower-left corner to get it to show the specific memory, CPU, etc. info as seen in my SS.


Right, Clifton asked for the Brave task manager denials, but you asked yesterday (sorry I forgot) for the Win one.

Here it is -

I have a different one on my computer. I’ll get the name of it for you if you need it.

Way more details.

I hope I clicked on the memory tab correctly.

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The built-in tab discarding will unload tabs from memory automatically when criteria is met (not opened in a while, etc). It might not do as thorough of a job as a properly written tab suspender extension - but I don’t have experience with any of these extensions and can’t recommend one. The interface I shared (brave://discards) is where you can view the status and manually unload tabs if you’d like

Thanks for the screenshot of Brave Task manager. That shows multiple profiles are indeed loaded when you have the browser open. If you close the other browser instances, you should see those other profiles drop off task manager also

It looks like you have a TON of memory tied up with the GPU process. You might check to see if you have Hardware Acceleration DISABLED. You can view at brave://settings/system
(tick the box for Use hardware acceleration when available)

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No, that discards feature doesn’t sound like the same thing. Tab suspender is only for reducing memory. It suspends it until you double click on it, then it wakes it up.

Ok, before I do that re: the hardware acceleration, can you tell me what that’s for b/c I sort of remember something about hardware acceleration after I reformatted. I don’t remember what we did with it, but I remember something.


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It’s common for folks to turn OFF hardware acceleration if they are seeing artifacts (weird pixels, etc) when pages are rendering. It’s worth a shot turning it ON (if it’s disabled) since it’ll offload content to your video card

The default value is ON - however, there are exclusion or block lists for certain drivers (which have known bugs)


Just general thoughts on extensions;

When I test, I’ll have a Brave release profile (main browsing), with my small amount of
extensions enabled. Then I have a completely clean, extension-less profile of Brave Beta. Which gives my an idea with potential memory leaks (or increased CPU usage) from any extension I’ve installed. I don’t expect anyone to do this btw, but gives an idea how extensions while handy for people can in some cases make performance worse.

The less extensions the better, esp if these features are builtin to Chromium or Brave. Each extension will add it own resource overhead, and definitely some are less optimized than others.

Or apps that interact with browsers (Malwarebyes). Disabling “Web protection”, may help also.




Ok, do I have to do it for every profile?

It’s already on -


Well I wish there was a tab suspender in Brave. We all get used to extensions & once we use them, it’s almost impossible to ditch them if they are really needed. I get your point of course. :smile:

I don’t have any extensions that Brave already has unless you count session buddy & I don’t know, I just find it very easy to use. I’ve never used the history thingy.

I’m pretty sure you can save tons of sessions with Session Buddy, but you can’t with History. And I can see the windows/tabs & only load one site if I want & the search is great.

I did check & thank you so much for that list. Does it change much every year? You would have no way of knowing of course b/c the dev changes the extension (one hopes) every year.

Anyway, other than Last Pass (LP) which I can’t get rid of (trust me, I’ve tried to find a replacement that has ALL of their features & there’s nothing.

Most of them are just p/w managers & p/w generators. They don’t have the ability to save e-mails, credit cards, addresses, you can even give someone your p/w (hidden) so they can log into your account on a site.

Blur came close, but their GUI is so unuser friendly, that I had to go around in circles just to find what I needed & they didn’t seem interested in changing anything.

Plus it has Brave privacy type features which caused a lot of issues on some sites.

I gave it 1-2 months of my time, wrote them all the time, nothing changed.

And LP was taken over by LogmeIn & has gone downhill since then removing great features, making it so only 1% of sites autofill & so you can only imagine how bad the other ones are if I stayed with LP LOL

Many people ditched them after they raised the price by 33% & they ignored all of our complaints.


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Try installing Brave Beta (which uses a seperate profile), no extensions enabled. See if performance is better. Just for testing, nothing permanent. Going by the 2021 performance report, lastpass does add some painting delays.

Just browse with an extension-less browser as test, see if perf is okay.


But I can’t do that. I would need to do only that for at least 1-2 days to see & I can’t afford to not have any of my extensions.

Or do you mean have the other profiles also open so if I need an extension they will be there?

But that doesn’t make sense b/c the memory is from all the profiles, not just one.


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