BRAVE takes at least 10 seconds to load up


Is there a way to change how long it takes or do something to make it launch quicker???


Gee, I wish mine was that fast. I takes 25 seconds to load in my Win 7 machine (and I have an SSD for the boot drive). In comparison, IE 11 takes only 5 seconds.


Do you both have a large number of tabs open at start up? We’re working on improving performance in this area.



Only one tab, my homepage, opens at startup.


I have a Win7 and it is much much slower than Chrome or IE. Any of the other two open faster than Brave even if I have lots of things running when I start them. Brave really takes ages to start. I try to have it always open for this reason exactly.


Anyone home…?


I realize that the Brave forum and Brave is supported by volunteers but, for one to use Brave, it needs to be reasonably functional and there needs to be a reasonable amount of support. The excessive startup time I’m experiencing is simply unacceptable. The issue of not being able to get Brave to open in a location of my choosing is very annoying. There are a few other problems I’ve experienced, such as not working properly on some websites, but I have bothered to address since I’ve essentially have received no support for the two I have inquired about. Unless this lack of support improves, I will be unable to continue to use Brave, which is a shame since, overall, I like it in Win 7—it’s so much faster and safer and I was easily able to import my bookmarks—and I would be able to continue using it when I switch to Linux without having to learn how to use a new browser all over again while trying to learn how to use Linux at the same time but, as things are now, it’s not going to happen unless we start getting some support!


Sorry it took so long to reply. i have one tab at start-up which is the new tab page.
I am glad that you are working to make this better.


When the heck did I solve this? I don’t see any solution.


On a hunch, I reset Brave to open in a new tab instead of my home page. That cut the opening from 25 seconds to 15 seconds (which is still excessive) which is odd because opening the home page in the new tab from the tool bar takes only a second or two.


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