Brave takes a lot of memory

I’m getting huge memory consumption from the browser:

I’m on MacOS.

could you disable hardware acceleration

hope that help and have a nice day

Your post is very vague. We know you’re on MacOS, but know nothing else.

Can you provide a website that demonstrates the memory footprint you’re showing?
Websites have a lot of influence on a browser’s RAM usage, especially unruly sites that result in excessive memory usage.

Some simple / quick testing on openSuse Tumbleweed , using Brave Nightly [channel]

Example (keep in mind I do not have a FB account, but can visit some sites without a login),
I just arrived at a particular FB account: == 93K
… have “scrolled down” on their content == 205k
… have selected a different tab == 258k
… after five minutes away on another tab == 292K

Now let’s go to … arrived == 50k
… navigated to Business Ops == 55k
… scrolled down on that page == 65k
… selected a different tab == 66k
… after five minutes away on another tab == 65k

And now to
… arrived == 100k
… scrolled down on that page == 230k
… selected a different tab == 295k
… after five minutes away on another tab == 502k (!)
That last site reveals a growing memory footprint, one caused by the website, not Brave’s fault (after I posted this, I left the Wunderground tab open and it continued to increase in memory usage over time).

I also ran the same tests using Vivaldi Snapshot and Chrome Dev on the same machine and the memory usage was comparable.

For me, I don’t see the excessive memory issues UNLESS I visit a site that results in excessive memory usage.

I strictly use Brave Nightly and Brave Dev (versus Release, so if anyone were to see issues, it’d be someone like me running these nightly releases : ).
(I also run Chrome Dev, Opera Dev, Vivaldi Snapshot , and Firefox Nightly )

To conclude, one really has to take into consideration things like the website, extensions, how many tabs are open, and so on. Your post provides none of these details.