Brave takes 30 seconds to start or close

I just upgraded to version 1.35.103, on Windows 8.1. Since then, every time I start Brave, it takes exactly 30 seconds to load. As soon as I open the program, 4 Brave processes show up in the Task Manager. After exactly 15 seconds, this drops to 3 processes. After exactly another 15 seconds, the Brave window opens and there are now 7 Brave processes in the Task Manager. When I close the Window, it disappears, and the number of processes drops to 2. Exactly 30 seconds later, those 2 disappear. If I try to reopen Brave during those 30 seconds, nothing happens.

I have rebooted my computer, disabled all extensions, and disabled hardware acceleration, and the issue persists. While Brave is open, starting new windows and tabs is snappy like always.

While writing this post, I solved my own problem, so I’ll leave my solution here in case anybody else runs into it. I keep the BraveUpdate.exe file renamed to BraveUpdate.bak so that it doesn’t auto-update itself unless I want it to. After restoring the file and installing the new version, I renamed it back to that before relaunching Brave. Brave must have been attempting to complete the first relaunch process by looking for that file, on a 30 second timeout. I restored the file, relaunched Brave, and then renamed the file again, and it’s fine now.

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