Brave tabs titles have unreadable colors after last update

Description of the issue: I noticed it in latest version, but maybe it was added few weeks before. Anyway, when I open few tabs in brave I cannot see their titles because colours are terrible. I tried windows 8.1 and windows 10.

In windows 8.1 in normal mode I have black text on white tabs which is fine. However in private mode I have black or purple text because I cannot see it at all on purple tabs.
On windows 10 on the other hand, dark mode is readable with white text on purple tabs, but normal mode is hard to read with white text on grey tabs. I think before update text color changed depending on browser mode, it was black/white depending on tabs color. But now on windows 8.1 text is always black, and on windows 10 it is always white. You probably added some windows theme detection and ruined UI completely.

It is also worth noting that problem happens only after opening new/second tab. When you start browser and have only 1 tab, colour is fine - white text on purple tab in windows 8.1 and black text on white tab in windows 10. However when you open new tab, colour suddenly changes becoming very hard to read.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Windows 8.1:

  1. Start brave

  2. Open new window in private mode.

  3. Look at tab bar and tab title. You should see white text on purple tab.

  4. Create new tab.

  5. Notice how tab title colour has changed to black/purple and is now impossible to read. It looks like tabs have no colour at all.

Windows 10

  1. Start brave
  2. Look at tab bar and tab title. You should see black text on grey tab.
  3. Create new tab.
  4. Notice how tab title colour has changed to white and is now hard to read.

Expected result:
Restore old browser behaviour/theme with proper text colors - white text for dark tabs, black text for bright tabs.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information: none

Thank you for reaching out — I believe we have an open issue to resolve this here:

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Hi and welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Until the fix, there is a workaround posted by a community member that I think will work for you. Link is below.

Titles of Tabs Unreadable

Hope it helps!

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I do not see option to change colour. I can only select bright or dark or download themes from chrome store.

@Fussy Sorry, it is in Get Started under Profile name and icon and not Appearance as you would think! Here is path.


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Not working on private mode I am afraid. It is still purple with black text. It only fixes problem with white theme on win 10, but not problem with private mode on win 8.1.

Ugh. :slightly_frowning_face: There is another workaround you could try for win 8.1 but it is changing the OS settings which can impact all your windows, not just the browser. And actually, I do not know if this is available for win 8.1. Could give it a shot.

There is a Brave GitHub issue report open. For now, the fix is scheduled for the next release but that is not written in stone! It could be delayed.

(Windows only) Text in tab bar is sometimes unreadable depending on brave colors and windows accent color


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