Brave tab-switching feels inconsistent and clunky (iOS/iPadOS)

Brave tab-switching feels inconsistent and clunky

Brave on IOS (esp iPadOS) has a serious problem with tab switching. It’s not just me, I surveyed my friends whom I suggested this browser and 4/6 people said that “It’s just not as smooth as Safari” in a way that Brave lacks important gestures that improve productivity.
For example, on iPad in Safari, you can do the pinch gesture to enter the tab overview. However in Brave, instead, you have to tap the tiny square on the top right of the screen each time you want to switch tabs (I know about the tab bar, but it just isn’t as productive). On iPhone, you can swipe up to go into the tab view, but when you do that, there is no animation that indicates that you’re actually dragging the window. It a lot of times resulted in the gesture simply not registering and feeling inconsistent bc –again– there is no indication of when it successfully starts.
To be clear, I love Brave and want more people to use it, but switching to it isn’t that easy if it feels less fleshed out than Safari or Chrome (god forbid)