Brave tab gets stuck posting to Facebook timeline

Weird one, not reported already, gets stuck posting to Facebook.

The browser doesn’t get stuck anywhere else, just the tab on Facebook immediately after clicking the “Post to Facebook” button, which immediately greys out and the tab just spins.

Sometimes it will come back (after 30 secs to several minutes) and the post will have been successful. Sometimes it never comes back and I have to close the tab (even though in another tab I can see the post on my timeline). And other times it comes back to me as if I’d done nothing, waiting for me to click the Post to Facebook button.

And it’s hit or miss. Sometimes (after an unusually long delay) it succeeds to post just fine.

The last time I encountered it, Brave kept putting me back at ‘ready to post’ state and I confirmed that the post wasn’t on my timeline. So I copy-and-pasted exactly the same text, same Facebook profile, using Firefox and it posted normally, without the unusual lag I’ve increasingly been getting using Brave.

I’m not having any other problems whether on Facebook (comments post fine) or elsewhere.