Brave Tab Behaviors


Brave: 0.22.13
rev: a8cfb160479f1d00d0769368eb440030182bb83b
Muon: 5.1.2
OS Release: 4.13.0-38-generic
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Linux
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.181

There are, and have been, many complications with tab behavior in Brave. I think Brave is a great browser, and shows equally great promise. I do have to say though, that the erratic behavior of its tab handling is very frustrating.

Pinned tab behavior seems to have actually become more unpredictable and troublesome recently. I speak of issues similar to these:

I laud the hard work and innovation this project is moving toward. Also though, there is time, energy, trust, and, perhaps, hard earned monies its users may spend in interacting with the project.

Spending time and energy organizing the browser to reflect one’s work and use flows, should be rewarded with stability. For me, tabs are crucial in how I interact with browser software. I would like to see Brave (and $BAT, for that matter) do exceedingly well, but need, reasonably, I think, to be assured time and energy that I spend interacting with the browser will not be wasted.

Again, I believe what you are doing is potentially great. I just need to not have to frequently reconstruct my experience, because, though I have great hopes, I have limited time.

Please do what you can, when you can, to stabilize and formalize tab behaviors within Brave. I think it would benefit the perception of your progress greatly.


Tabs are basic functionality.

There are so many bugs that are tab related, that Brave has almost become unusable to me.

If tabs aren’t solid, it’s hard to be taken seriously as a serious browser.


Mehhh…this logic is difficult to refute…


This…seems to be getting worse, sadly. I’ve just, in an act of courage, gone out on a limb, and tried to pin a new tab in Brave. This has, after randomly juggling the pinned tabs, in a, genuinely, disconcerting way, frozen the entire browser interface.

This, of course, has forced me to kill the application, along with several, multi-step login sites that I will now have to log back into. I am not trying to seem “sour”, I am just trying to impart, how much of my time (not the first time this has happened, only the first instance which has frustrated me enough to stop what I am trying to do, and login here to explain how frustrating this is as a user experience) this is actually beginning to divest me of.

It would be better, and, again, #notroll, but, genuinely, to just remove pinned tabs as a feature, until it is sorted, than to offer it, and have it cause these issues that are beginning to make me think I cannot use Brave as a primary browser, which, again, I do actually desire to do.

I’m frankly, unsure of what your dev resources are, or how difficult of a problem this actually is. I would implore you though to, please, have a closer look at this…


i trusted someone who said to install Brave…the most basic AND ESSENTIAL thing, sorting by ALPHA for bookmarks takes a genius with EXTREME patience to try to figure out, unbelievable this is not possible…uninstalling this


Since the last update, browsing with Brave is just frustrating…
If I open more than 5 tabs in my browser, it keeps logging me out of various websites, and logging in does not help. Next, the pages disappear completely, and a sad smiley appears.
Please fix this soon! It is very very frustrating!


@promet @toddmo, I’m sorry for late response. Is this still happened in latest version?

Also, ICYMI, Brave will move to Chromium front-end. brave-core will benefit from the maturity of Chromium, including tabs.



@IDK_YouKnow an issue logged for sortable bookmarks.



@brav3 can you take a look to this thread, please? Brave is now signing me out of Google when I switch tabs. Also does it for Bitchute and Facebook. Help! And please continued the discussion there.



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