Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1


  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill Data
  • History
  • Open Tabs
  • Extensions
  • Saved Payment Methods
  • Themes
  • Apps


Looks awesome!

Any ETA when it will be available in stable release?

Not long – I believe it goes into Dev/Beta channels tomorrow, so it shouldn’t be too long.

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Thanks @Mattches I’m really looking forward to the improved functionality. It’s the one thing I miss about Chrome!

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Desktop Release v1.11.97 dropped yesterday and I’ve updated…is that with updated sync v2? should I give it a whirl with my iphone and desktop? is it bidirectional - I’d love desktop access to the bookmarks on my mobile, and vice versa…or is that a sync v3 feature request :wink: ?

Not yet. Will be available within 1.12.x release (for desktop) if not changed.

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Hello, is there a more definitive time available for the release of sync v2 as a general release? Soon is a bit vague and soon was back in May.

:point_up::sweat_smile: Development can take times. That and the fact that the team is working on new Sync.

Should be available in early August. Latest version for desktop is 1.11.x.

I believe it’ll also include Android. And iOS support is coming later. Again, if not changed. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up and I am always running the latest version. Will be nice to be able to sync my Android phone.

I have 2 installs of Brave beta installed. One is a desktop and one is laptop. Open Tabs is enabled on both to sync. Yet when I go to History on either device all I see is 4 tabs showing up from the other device. Why is this happening since each device has at least 8 or so tabs always open?

Probably should start your own thread rather than changing subject from Sync, but the browser is set by default to open tabs where you left off, so it keeps reopening whatever you had open when you closed it. Obnoxious default behavior. You can set it to close tabs when you exit. Go to startup and right there (or you can search for it) will be a section called On Startup. Change it from Continue where you left off to Open New Tab page. Got all that? Good, cause what you need to know now is that behavior doesn’t work the same way in the mobile app LOL. The best thing you can do is just close all tabs on exit by long pressing the tabs box. Hopefully the way tabs are handled in both types of browser is on their radar to be addressed… after Sync.:slight_smile:

I have a Sync related question, can I get the Sync v2 in any other build channel than nightly right now? Something more stable? The post by who I assume is a dev saying it’s available in Nightly was back in June. Wondering if it is in any of the other channels yet. Thanks

Yes. It’s also available in Beta. And should hit stable release in early August (if not changed).


So glad to hear about v2. V1 was sucky for way, way, way too long. Looking forward to a non-sucky v2!

Sync v2 is working well on Nightly from what I can tell (both Windows 10 and Android), only thing that’s not working with Sync v2 is syncing the Uphold wallet where BATs (Brave Rewards) are collected/stored. On Windows, the wallet can be restored through its separate sync chain code (which is different from the Sync v2 chain code), but on Android, it’s currently not possible to enter a sync chain code for the Brave Rewards wallet. This is slightly problematic, because like other users, Windows 10 isn’t showing any Brave ads, although I’m seeing Brave Reward ads on my other Android devices, but my main Android device currently has a bit over 7 BATs, yet I can’t sync or verify this wallet yet because I don’t have 25 BATs. It would be great if we could get access to the Brave Rewards wallet sync chain code on Android, so that I can restore it on my Windows installation of Brave.

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Is this still on track to being brought over to stable here in early August, or have things changed? Eagerly awaiting Sync v2 in stable.


In short, yes @Endeavourz. Thanks for your patience!


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Do we have an ETA yet on the stable release?

As long as everything stays on track – tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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What should I do to get Sync v2 in my Brave Nightly for Ubuntu?