Brave Sync v2 soon available in Nightly, will disable Sync v1

We had this pinned announcement here on Community for over a week.

We also announced on Reddit (still pinned at the top of the page):

It’s also the first thing you see when you land on our Sync documentation on our Help Center:

Actually, read that from the view of a new user who has no idea what sync v1 or sync v2 is. I finally figured out you can go into the brave://flags and turn on sync v1, and I figured out sync v2 does not support mobile yet. When the iOS app has clear instructions of how to turn on sync, then you go into the desktop app and there is no option for syncing that is a very poor user experience. I’m not saying it’s impossible to figure out, I’m saying it’s a terrible user experience. I shouldn’t have to search through help docs or forums, the iOS app should clearly say this feature is not working at the moment. I can’t believe you think that reddit posts and help docs should be necessary to understand a feature doesn’t work that is clearly said to be working in the app.

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I personally find this talk about Sync 2 confusing. Some people are saying it’s available, some not until the end of July.

One post by Devs 25 days ago claimed it would be available in 2 weeks…


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I am super duper excited this sync v2. :heart_eyes:

Sorry that you had a rough experience. We will try and do better with our messaging as we are always trying to improve ourselves.

Sync v2 is available in Nightly builds of the browser right now. It will slowly move down the pipeline from Nightly --> Dev --> Beta --> Stable where it will then be available for everyone.

That’s why this is so confusing, you say it’s available. So I try the Nightly build and it won’t sync with mobile. Mobile sync is the only thing people really care about.


Duly noted. Thank you for your feedback.

I care more bout syncing from my desktop to my laptop than I do about mobile, but I’m probably unique in that regard.

What things are synced in v2? The old sync v1 just did Bookmarks, but, for comparison, Google Chrome does those as well as history, apps, extensions, list of open tabs, etc. History/tabs and extension syncing would be especially useful to me as it would make it easier to pick up where I left off when I switch devices.


  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill Data
  • History
  • Open Tabs
  • Extensions
  • Saved Payment Methods
  • Themes
  • Apps


Looks awesome!

Any ETA when it will be available in stable release?

Not long – I believe it goes into Dev/Beta channels tomorrow, so it shouldn’t be too long.

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Thanks @Mattches I’m really looking forward to the improved functionality. It’s the one thing I miss about Chrome!

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Desktop Release v1.11.97 dropped yesterday and I’ve updated…is that with updated sync v2? should I give it a whirl with my iphone and desktop? is it bidirectional - I’d love desktop access to the bookmarks on my mobile, and vice versa…or is that a sync v3 feature request :wink: ?

Not yet. Will be available within 1.12.x release (for desktop) if not changed.

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Hello, is there a more definitive time available for the release of sync v2 as a general release? Soon is a bit vague and soon was back in May.

:point_up::sweat_smile: Development can take times. That and the fact that the team is working on new Sync.

Should be available in early August. Latest version for desktop is 1.11.x.

I believe it’ll also include Android. And iOS support is coming later. Again, if not changed. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up and I am always running the latest version. Will be nice to be able to sync my Android phone.

I have 2 installs of Brave beta installed. One is a desktop and one is laptop. Open Tabs is enabled on both to sync. Yet when I go to History on either device all I see is 4 tabs showing up from the other device. Why is this happening since each device has at least 8 or so tabs always open?