Brave Sync V2 Does not appear to work

New sync does not appear to work. I try to sync another computer and type in all the words. Once I do, I do not see the sync being set up on the first computer. The second computer never shows up on the first computer as a sync device. Also… I presume the bookmarks from the first computer populate to the second computer if it was working? Guess this V2 is as problematic as V1. Other browsers I never had a problem with sync (e.g. Firefox); always worked like a charm. Never seems to work on Brave. Oh well.

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Hi @monicard sorry for the inconvenience here, could you try fully quitting and restarting both browsers and see if that makes a difference?

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Restarting the browser seemed to solve the issue. Both PC’s show up in the device sync list. Thanks for the suggestion.