Brave sync still unstable on Android

Even when all background activity and unlimited data usage is allowed, and battery saver is turned off on Android, there are major syncing problems on the Android/Windows sync chain.
The major problem is the lack of a “force sync” button. And if this is not ‘good design’, then at least make sure sync always works!

When I send tabs from my laptop to my oneplus 9 android device (which sync says is ‘active’), these tabs are never sent directly. Sometimes I receive three days after the fact, other times I don’t receive them at all.

One solution I found for this was to look at the “Recent tabs” function and open the same tabs from there. But this solution does not always work, because sometimes this doesn’t sync either.

The last time my laptop was active was less than 40 minutes ago. But according to the recent tabs function, the last time of activity was 3h ago. This is nonsense.

I also never ‘hear’ from the sync feature. I never see messages like “sync has failed due to network error” on my laptop.

My Chrome browser syncs perfectly on both my laptop and oneplus device. And I can force sync if it doesn’t work for some reason, but I rarely need it.

Please fix this broken feature.

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