Brave Sync - Setup 2 devices, no sync. States no pairs setup


I have the Brave Browser app setup on a Windows 10 Pro desktop as well as my Samsung Galaxy S20+. I was able to setup a new sync between the systems and they both show up on each device.

I have set them to Sync Everything.

On the phone if I have a website I want to send to my desktop to view later, click share, click send to device the phone states “Turn on Sync to share across…”.

If I go to the desktop there is no option to send an open browser page to the phone.

Yet on both devices, Sync, both my laptop and phone show up as a sync pair.

Any ideas whats causing this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Sync to iOS only syncs Bookmarks I believe. Sync v2 has issues. Especially when it comes to Open Tabs even between desktops. I have given up on Sync between mobile months ago. Sorry, but it is too unreliable. I have pulled out too much hair and wasted too much time redoing configuration tests since v2 was released back in August 2020.

@GC65 on android there should be an option like “accounts & sync” in the settings, if you don’t enable “auto-sync data” the brave sync feature will not work – my phone is a xiaomi redmi 8a, don’t know if the options are named the same –

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