Brave sync of bookmarks broken

I have the problem that my sync chain is broken for more than a month. At first, I thought it would be fixed with the next update, but there were many updates on different devices which didn’t resolve the issue.

I have 6 “devices” in my sync chain, but some of them are one physical device with dual boot and one with 2 browser profiles. These are my laptop with a work and personal profile and PC on windows & Linux/Manjaro and my android phone. All devices I want to sync to are in the sync list and have a current last active date. The setting is on “sync everything”.

The problem when I saved a page to the bookmarks and a few hours later I tried to access it on the other profile, but it wasn’t synced yet. After waiting for a day not syncing, I manually had to copy this and a few more. Afterwards the whole sync chain broke. Neither the bookmarks sync from one device to another, nor the history or extensions sync.

What’s the easiest way to get it back to working? Do I have to contact support or do I have to start a new sync chain?

Devices & Versions

Here a list of the devices I currently use and the sync not works:

Device OS Brave Version
Laptop Profile 1 Manjaro 1.65.132
Laptop Profile 2 Manjaro 1.65.132
Phone Android 14 1.65.126

I’ve been having the same problem for almost a year. I’m running brave both of Linux (Pop_OS! 22.04 LTS) and Windows 10.