Brave Sync - Is the data deleted from Brave Servers when sync is turned off?

I am concerned about security using Brave Sync.
I might be comfortable with it on a temporary basis, running the sync once & then turning it off. I am looking for confirmation that once Sync is turned off, the “encrypted” files are removed from Brave servers.

Please advise, Thank you.

@Syncretize ,

Sync v2 details at GiHub

Thanks for the links.
I’ve skimmed those areas and still don’t find an answer to my question.

Does anyone know?

@Syncretize I don’t have a direct answer and only can give you one little assumption. There’s brave://sync-internals/ that you can go to in order to see a lot of details regarding Sync. I do see there’s a “button” there you can click that says Disable Sync (Clear Data)

I’m guessing this means if you have disabled the sync chain, that it would clear the data. But as long as the sync chain still exists, it would share that between devices. According to their help guides, everything is always encrypted with only your devices having the decryption key.

As to how long data stays on servers before being erased and written over, I’m not sure. It’s a good question that I suppose most of us never stop to think of having to ask. Not even sure if @Mattches would know or who we would have to ask?