Brave Sync is really buggy!

Sync is really completely broken. I’ve tested Brave months ago, but did not stay as the (beta) sync was completely unusable.

Now I am back. Sync is not longer beta according to the menus. But it still does not work reliable. Created my sync account yesterday on my MacBook. And then synced successfully to iPhone and iPad. Afterwards i moved some folders on MacBook. This change never reached iPhone or iPad. This morning I added a Windows PC. This also got all bookmarks, not including changes I did after initial sync. I moved the same folder again and also added some new test bookmarks. No sync to no other device. I removed my iPhone from the chain and re-added it. All I got was the result of the initial setup yesterday. None of the changes is reflected.

So for me it looks like changes never get synced out to the Sync servers. Regardless of OS as neither my Windows changes nor my MacOs changes seems to get synced out.

I really like Brave and would prefer to use it as daily driver. But not having a reliable bookmark sync is a showstopper for me.

Yeah, the previous update royally broke Sync to the point we had to stop using it, and the latest update hasn’t fully fixed it either - Brave support is aware, and say it’s being worked on urgently.


This feature is horsecr… It had been beta for quite some time before the beta tag was dropped just because of PR reasons. As a user I feel betrayed. But Brave couldn’t care less.

Could you guys try to upgrade to v0.68.140. We have had some sync fixes done in this release. As mentioned before on other threads as well, its very easy to setup sync without respecting privacy of the user something like what others provide. We are working on making things more smooth but its not an overnight fix. Takes time to build things and test it so that everything works as per design. Sync is a priority feature fix that we are working on.

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@sriram I totally agree - good code needs time. But you (not the users) decided to drop the beta label on sync. So either have the feature ready or bring back the beta label.

My new version is 068.141 on Windows now. Adding an deleting bookmarks on my Windows PC is now synced correctly to my iPhone. BUT: The Windows PC is now loosing single bookmarks and complete folders (including the bookmarks inside). All missing bookmarks still exist on my iPhone (but somehow they moved to the end of the list).

And I have to agree with @Brave_user: You should really bring back the beta label. This feature is far away from working properly. Personally I came back to Brave because syncing seemed like it is working now. But it isn’t.

I think in its current state the sync feature is harming Braves reputation.

Edit: Whe are talking about ~180 bookmarks in 20 folders in total. 2 Folders and ~25 bookmarks are gone. All these folders and bookmarks where part of the initial sync in my chain and have never been changed.

Edit2: New feature - all bookmarks that are not in folders get duplicated on Brave launch on Windows and MacOS (69.132). Are you ever testing what you are releasing?

My sync still does not work too.
I’ve synced yesterday, and everything was ok, with bookmarks on Desktop and Smartphone. Today the bookmarks from the smartphone disappeared. I synced again, and despite the sync page is showting my devices, the bookmarks does not sync!

My Sync seems to be working now on 0.69.132, except that since receiving bookmarks now the Android version keeps crashing randomly (on two different phones) - the version on 3 different Windows systems are not doing this and sync fine so far.

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Thank you for the brave, it is really good in some weird kind of way :slight_smile:

However, buggy sync is a serious blow to brave’s reputation indeed.
I have 1924 bookmarks on my PC and since 2 days trying to sync those with any of my two android devices.

After multiple (re)tries, i got anything from 2 to 1853 bookmarks on the android, but never a full set!

And what is that blank device name supposed to mean?
UPD: after some time the name appeared…


They are saying sync is a priority and they are working on it.

But they intentionally dropped the betag tag from this feature. Purely a PR stunt. And now it backfires big time.

If a feature would be shown as being beta people would far less complain. But if you essentially lie to users they get pissed of course.


@sriram could we get a status on an update for the Android version, at least to the same point as the Windows version? All my Windows PCs are finally syncing again and no longer crashing, but the moment I add any Android device the whole thing breaks.

Personally I’d even welcome a beta version to help test, just as long as you use Google’s Play Store service, and not some side-loading nonsense.

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@Taomyn Desktop changes to sync is what fixed the issue. This is being pulled into Android as well. This should be part of the next release. Currently, it’s marked for 1.5.0 and you can track this issue

Currently, we don’t have a beta channel via GPS to test this. The only way is to side load the app and test.

Again just to reiterate, implementing sync in a secure and keeping user privacy is a time-consuming task. We know the current sync isn’t the best feature but it does take time to build a solid system that works on all platforms. It’s quite easy to build a centralized sync infrastructure where the user isn’t in control and has no privacy.


Thanks for providing those much appreciated, I’ve subscribed so I can see how they progress.

I hope you can consider the beta channel for Android sometime in the future. Being able to dip in and out when fixes are just around the corner is quite handy.

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Do you intend to add sync for others functions like extensions, settings, history, etc

I tried to sync yesterday starting the chain on my android because I want my mobile bookmarks to sync to my laptop. For some reason my laptop will never accept the 24 word phrase. I click complete sync button and it does nothing. Tried several times even removing the chain and starting over. Brave laptop app just won’t accept the phrase. Any advice?

Yes down the road. We need to get sync stabilized before adding more options for sync


I’ve removed all the bookmarks from “Other Bookmarks” to another folder and… A week has passed: even now android client has not fully synchronized all the bookmarks properly. I’ve tried to start a new chain, nothing positive actually happened. The whole sync system for now is very unreliable: just can’t predict what will happen when the new device is being added to the chain, how the merge happens (if it happens) or why it needs so much time to finish sync process (constant 4G + WiFi when I’m at home). Hope sync is still important for you, because the browser is good overall: simple + I really like your revenue model (hope it works).

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As mentioned here sync changes from desktop are not yet ready on Android. It should be part of 1.5.0 release as of now. Please track the progress of the GitHub issue

Sorry: today’s morning was last drop for me. The bookmarks suddenly just messed, old structure appeared and I have to reorder them once again! I’ve not added any new computers to the chain. The last modifications to the bookmarks were done from this computer so that I thought that this is the last revision and it will be(it’s changes) synced to other devices. On Android there were problems, OK, but nothing from there was appearing on this desktop and changing the order or returning some old bookmarks. Today everything just changed: the structure from Android reappeared on desktop and I just don’t know how to deal with all that again. So here is the current situation: the browser is good, its fast and the monetization strategy is VERY interesting. But It just can’t be used on multiple devices. In modern life I have at least 3 device: home, work and mobile. I wanted to be in sync between them, but the sync from Brave is just not ready yet. I have to switch, will wait for synchronization changes, sorry.

Sorry to hear that bookmarks got messed up. Unfortunately the changes that are required to fix this is still in works. Please continue to use Brave and report any issues so that we can fix them and make the product better. With 1.5.0 the sync issues should be fairly fixed so just a matter of time before the release goes out with the fixes