Brave Sync is really buggy!

Can anybody please explain why the beta tag was removed from sync on mobile? Users even spoke out against removing the beta tag on Github. Brave devs removed anyway.

How can you seriously remove the beta tag when sync on mobile is buggy as crap? Why would you do this? Are looking for more complaints from (new) users? Or what else is the reason?


can you share the bug id on github, so I can track progress?

Version 1.0.99 is out at the moment. Sync seems to work much more reliable right now … at least for me. Let’s hope it will stay this way.

Shouldn’t have mentioned it.

As of now I have two Android devices in a sync chain. I have several duplicate bookmarks (on one device) and also some missing that I have added on one device.

So the more reliable behavior that I had mentioned previously was merely a glitch. And of course it now has stopped synching at all. So I will have to remove the sync chain and recreate a new one.

But of course, this feature is not beta anymore. No way. No idea how people would get such an idea.

To be clear here: I do not complain so much about this buggy feature itself. I complain about that Brave removed the “beta” tag from it and make people believe this is an actual reliably working feature. Some would call this “deceiving” or “a lie”.

Is there a way to force the deletion of a sync chain? I’m asking because I have been trying for hours to delete the sync chain on one of my devices. Do I really have to reinstall the Brave app again? Really?

Deletion on the second device worked fine though.

This is really so frustrating. And then being told this feature is out of beta. Ridiculous.


After hours I figured it out: Deleting the cash finally got rid of the sync chain.

Now I have added and deleted sync chain half a dozen times. It is not working. Chain is established but will only sync once and only partially. After that … nothing, nada, nilch.

So please Brave, if you do not be able to make sync reliable put at least the beta level back so that people are warned.

I have asked three other people with Android devices who are also using Brave. All three told me that they stopped using sync on their Android devices because it had stopped working several times and they are done with it. Unfortunately it was me who had introduced them to Brave.

I’ve also experienced Brave on Android losing the chain, while the laptops/desktops still show the mobile device on the chain. I just went to add a new laptop and the chain was missing from my Android device. I added the Android back to the chain, then the new laptop to the chain, but the new laptop didn’t show up in the Android while all things showed up in the new laptop.


Mostly all mobile devices browsers have issues in that area(sync,import-export bookmarks,bookmarks backup,etc) but…Brave get the cake. I’ve lost once all my bookmarks after upgrade (after that I downgrade because of stability issues,the new version was unstable) and didn’t learn my lesson,now I have a similar problem(minus the upgrade) ,bookmarks gone for no good reason.Personally, if I can’t recover somehow my bookmarks,it will the last experience with Brave(there are other ways to get the same privacy,not so convenient but for sure more stable) since loosing information it’s a BIG issue.

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Yes, and the tag “Beta” could have at least warned you and other people before trying the sync feature.

@sriram hey, just tried brave sync on my mobile and pc. sync worked in both good.

thought my PC bookmarks are not synced in mobile but later i found them. maybe it took more time to sync them all in my mobile.

thanks guys. i think the long issue is resolved.

Syncing bookmarks in Brave just doesn’t work properly. The situation is that I have a laptop and a mobile.

  1. Sync chain lasts max. a few days. After that it is broken in and of itself, just like that.
  2. Any browser update on either device break sync chain. I don’t know why. Which leads to another issue…
  3. …cause it is not possible to just delete sync chain on mobile and connect . On mobile it takes about 10 minutes to get rid of the old chain to connect to a new one (by scanning QR code on the PC).
  4. While trying to add mobile to sync chain, it’s all good on the mobile but laptop interface hangs and I need to ‘cancel’.
  5. When I finally create a sync chain, it takes lots of time to sync both devices, even a few hours - I don’t know why, does it depend on something? My internet connection is not a problem, the problem even occurs in LAN.
  6. When I delete some bookmark on one of the devices, it takes lots of time to make the change happen on another device. Same as above, I don’t know why, is there any sync cycle or delay?

At this point, using brave sync is just extremely annoying in my scenario, I spend far too much time on such a simple activity.
If you need any more information, I can help.

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Sorry for the trouble with the sync. We are in the process of redesign of Sync and have a stable sync setup to be available. One thing to note though if you have a very large amount of bookmarks changes you make doesn’t show up immediately as it would have to traverse through the entire set to see the changes and sync it across. And if the device goes on low bandwith on mobile there could be chances of sync not completing and have to wait for the entire process to start again. These are some of the things we are going to iron out in the new redesigned sync.


Looking foward to it!

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Is there any delay between sync attempts? Are they scheduled in some way or they happen when the change occurs? Maybe that is the problem. I’ve got about 450 bookmarks at the moment and usually I make a maximum of few changes a day. Bandwidth is ok.

Also, could I find somewhere technical overview of the Brave Sync design? And when the new Sync could be available?

By the way, I keep my fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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There isn’t a delay in sync attempts. Sync calls are initiated whenever there is a change in your bookmarks folder structure or bookmark is added/removed. There will be a sync call done when you start the browser. That being said there is a period check done to see if any changes has happened to the sync chain. Mobile has a different time and desktop has a different time set to check it periodically.

Current sync implementation is available as a wiki.

The new sync work is still under implementation so as of now there is no hard timeline available. Since it would require to be implemented and checked on all platforms. You can subscribe to this issue or the project board to see the progress.

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So why the heck has Brave removed the beta level from sync? As a user I feel lied to … to put it politely.

Unfortunately, maybe it is designed to work as you describe it, but it doesn’t work like that. I deleted my sync chain, reinstalled Brave on my spartphone, then recreated the chain and tried to sync bookmarks from my laptop to smartphone. At the beginning, not all of the bookmarks synced. Then, all of them just dissappeared from the smartphone - I don’t know why.
This feature really needs to be recreated.

Ok, it went a lot better on the second try, I think that all synced properly. But it doesn’t change the fact that in a few days it is going to break down :frowning:


I tried again … Now with an Android 9 device in the sync chain. Sync chains will work for about a week and then will stop working. This is reproducible over and over and over again.

There is nothing to control the sync chain, no manual sync, no check, no nothing.

But sure Brave, it’s not beta, nooooo way this feature is beta. How dare I to question this.

Brave: To sell this crappy non working feature as production ready is a disgrace. Especially new Brave users will quickly find out the truth. Did it ever occur to you how devasting this is to your reputation as a developer of a “real” (i.e reliable) browser?

I guess not. And again: As a user I feel lied to by you. But I guess that will not bother you a bit.

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Please add a feature to import and export bookmarks on mobile devices.


I find sync completely unusable as well - and without detailing all the ways in which it has failed for me, let me just put in a request: a button in the bookmark manager that permits you to Delete ALL Bookmarks with one click. Because I’m just exporting and importing bookmarks from computer to computer (since sync doesn’t work) and it is a big pain to have to delete the last version of them all one by one! (Especially since, on my machines anyway, there are long periods of “Not Responding” as it deletes them.)


Sync totally fails. Chain setup ‘works’, but nothing, NOTHING, syncs.

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