Brave Sync is really buggy!

Brave Sync is in its beginning stage i believe. you guys should have listed this version only for beta users. every time i check to see the status of sync in my android, the app asks to START A NEW SYNC CHAIN. I’m tired of starting a new sync repeatedly and my PC wont sync the recent bookmarks. how to sync them in PC?

**Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Here they are:

Screenshot_20190310-210258 Screenshot_20190310-210254

**Expected result: Tired of starting a new sync repeatedly and afraid to bookmark a page in brave that I cant retrieve it if reinstalled.

**Reproduces how often: Probably after every time i restart the phone.

**Brave Version(about:brave): Snap attached.

**Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): yes


Can you provide more info on what steps you are doing and how the sync is being reset? Are you adding a second device to the chain? Do you see the <device name> (This device) being listed in the devices list after you create a sync chain? Would love to know how its asking to start a chain every single time. I personally havent come across this issue

There is no specific beta testers/users channel. The feature itself is in beta(and clearly mentioned) so anyone can be part of beta testing.

hi, there are no steps. whenever i add some bookmarks i go to settings->sync(beta) just to check the status and each time Brave asks to start a new sync chain. right now i just did and in the devices list i dont see my PC. should i enter the words again to sync?

As per screenshot you only have one device in sync chain and thats your Android device. You need to add another mobile/desktop to the sync chain by using the Add another device and then selecting QR code/Code words.

There is no status check available for sync. Once you have two or more devices on the sync chain any new bookmarks added on any device will automatically sync with others.

Here’s what I’d suggest you to do

  1. Tap on Add another device on your Android phone (above screenshot) and select Add a computer
  2. Go to desktop Brave browser
  3. Open brave://sync
  4. Select I already have a sync code option
  5. Type in the code words you see on your Mobile device
  6. Ensure the desktop joins the sync chain and you should see your Android device on desktop and similarly you should see Desktop on Andriod
  7. Add bookmarks on either device and should get sync’d on the other

thank you , i followed the same steps you have mentioned. My PC was in sync with my phone and it was listed also. But the error I mentioned previously didn’t keep my PC in sync (it neither kept my phone in sync) though the desktop version shows the synced history and the devices connected.
It displays only the old bookmarks not the new ones.

and today just to test how well the brave works I manually synced once again -> uninstalled it-> reinstalled Brave from playstore and tried to sync .
None of ,my bookmarks were restored!!! I dont think I can use Brave anymore.

Please let me know if you need anymore detail.

This is expected. If you uninstall Brave then that sync chain is lost. Sync is not maintained between installs/reinstalls. Sync is only retained during version upgrades. The feature you are talking about making bookmarks available between installs/reinstall is more of a backup feature than sync.

Sync (for both desktop and mobile) only works when the browser installation is active. If you have 3 devices in sync chain and uninstall Brave from one of them, the device still shown in the list of devices but there wont be an instance to sync to because its uninstalled. Android allows you to create a standalone sync chain (meaning just Android) but for desktop you will require two devices to be part of the sync chain. If you just have Desktop <-> Android sync and then you reset sync on your Android, it resets sync on desktop as well. That’s the expected behaviour

I hope this clears the doubts and confusion about sync in Brave

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I have a two device (A and B) sync chain on Android (both devices). On one device (B) Brave needs to be uninstalled and newly installed. Do I understand you correctly that there would be no way to sync the re-installed Brave instance (B) and the device which has not been re-installed (A)?

I could delete the sync chain and create a new one. But which direction would the sync take? All bookmarks from A will get mirrored to device B? Or all bookmarks on device A will get delete because there are no bookmarks yet on device B?


thank you, this is clear. could you let me know when the Bookmarks backup (import/export) option will be available? because I use Brave mostly in Android and the backup option (more than the sync) is needed for me.
And to see all my bookmarks disappear after I reinstalled Brave today is disappointing,

Henry, you wrote you have lost all bookmarks after reinstalling Brave on Android. Have you had synced the bookmarks to another device before reinstalling it?

This is available on Desktop but not avilable on Mobile. On Desktop, Open bookmarks page(Ctrl+O), click on the kabab menu on the top right corner on the page. You’ll see an option to export bookmarks.

For Android we have an issue logged for it

It is always better to first educate yourself before blurring out unfounded accusations.

LOL yeah I educated myself already that’s why I sold all my 85k BAT already, how about reading all privacy concern with regards to Brave?

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Since you have educated yourself: Do you mind sharing your education with the rest of us?

Please keep the thread for issue discussion only and not deviate from topics. If you have feedback then use the general channel to to discuss it there not on issue threads.

glad its on desktop version but i really prefer it in the mobile version. btw, i don’t see an option to sync bookmarks and extensions with the Brave account, is it in making?

yes i have some of them synced to my desktop Brave.

OK, but than just establish a new sync chain and bookmarks should sync again. I have also tried it with two Android devices. Both were synced. I then deleted Brave on one device and reestablished the sync chain. I never lost any bookmarks.

But yes, Sync on Android is extremely buggy, often just stops syncing and not reliable in any way.

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I guess this is a good thread to report about my experience with Sync on mobile devices:

In one word: Crap.

The longer version: Every single time I update Brave (via PlayStore or using apk files) the sync chain got lost on the first device I update. Building the sync chain again is a pain in the neck. To say the least. Deleting a chain can take time … minutes and minutes.

As I’m writing this I have not been able to delete the non-working sync chain at all for 10 minutes. You can click delete over and over again. Nothing happens.

The only way to get rid of the non-working sync chain is to delete browser data … and lose everything.

Sorry Brave, this is ridiculous. Please get rid of sync on mobile until you figure out how to get it running. But this is frustrating and unprofessional. This is not beta, not even alpha. And it does not shine a god light on Brave at all if people try it and get absolutely frustrated.


Same problem here. I do not exactly know when it disconnects from the chain but when I reconnect it, it just duplicates my bookmarks across all devices :smiley:

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Yes, I absolutely want to sync bookmarks in Brave (and password, history, tabs,…) but at this moment is unusable. On desktop and android it seems to be working, but on IOS it’s a disaster.
I have a big number of bookmarks (more than 20k organized in many folders and subfolders) gathered during years of browsing. I have imported them into Brave on windows 10 and android.
It seems to work ok, but on IOS it has messed up the bookmarks: many are saved into the root, instead of their correct subfolder. many bookmark icons are wrong, and for some reason I got some red folders. what this means? is it an error? please brave fix iOS sync engine.

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