🪄 Brave sync is not at all effective now, consider adding an extension on chrome store to sync between various computers/OS at real time

Brave Sync on older versions of Brave is totally broken, It simply doesnt work…

So what i ask is consider adding extension support to sync open tabs/Bookmarks/History

I have both win 8.1/win 11 VM and use them actively at a same time during different timeframes of sessions so i need Brave Sync team to work on adding extension support so that it will be very useful for virtual machine use cases of various different operating systems

while i hope they will eventually get it right, I hope Brave team does something in the backend and offer extension support if possible…


Also its been very long since this app got any updates…so I need brave sync as extension support

I agree that sync is extremely buggy. Random items disappear sometimes from history but are still accessible from the address bar (items that have been entered after both devices were added to the sync chain.

I also had an issue with sync: