Brave sync is becoming unreliable and saving codes is useless, either send notifications about new code to paired account or allow me to opt out of last word changes

So what if my computer crashed today and haven’t synced my account to phone devices ?

i really dont understand the logic behind changing the last word of sync codes, if i had to choose between security and reliability… i will always choose reliability

currently i saved my sync files to and not on my computer just so if bsod or something similar happens and i install a new os, i will get the code from

for easy restoration

but i found that this code changing way more often so the file which i saved on mega “sync it.txt” is useless… please allow me to opt out for sync code changes…i dont want security at all…i want to be able to put trust on something, possibly a feature, so that i can get my browser data back if anything goes bad… its more than 7 years since i faced a bsod and i believe i wont get into bsod but i want to make sure i still have backup… its not a good feeling to lose everything…

i dont want to be in this situation

if you’re unable to provide this settings (opting out of last word changes) atleast send notifications about new codes to a linked account like gmail or brave community account…

thanks :+1:

How often should the sync code be changed ?


please Add this as setting, thank you

These are very recently published articles… So what happens to Brave if we come across BSOD as these issues are back again on the latest version of windows ?.. i dont want my browser data to be lost while i dont have it paired with any other device like phone, tablet or something similar… please read the above comment and implement it. Thanks :+1:

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