Brave Sync for iOS



Yes, kindly see:



Thanks @chriscat - I got in touch with @michal on GitHub :wink:

Great news though - looking forward to it!!!


Sorry but this synchronization for iOS arrives or not? I was switching from Chrome to Brave on all my devices but maybe I do well to stay with Chrome.



New to the browser! Love it!

Really looking forward to this feature.

If it takes time, really considering switching to Android if it comes to that :wink:

All the best!


I just started using Brave on my MacBook Pro and was trying to sync and realized after searching its not available yet for iOS devices. I have moved to using Brave on my iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max and MBP, but I have to keep going back to Safari since that is where my bookmarks are located.

Security is great, speed is great, sync, is coming . . . hopefully soon.


Any news on the new timeline @michal?

Very much looking forwards to this one!!


Nothing yet, testes found bunch of new bugs which can be seen here

nothing major in my opinion, we are preparing to submit a second beta build to testers with fixes to some of the reported issues