Brave Sync for Android


This feature is the main reason I can not go Brave full time. Bring it on already!


This is a must-have feature!!!

I opened the following address in Brave*

currently it would sync to Google

Server URL:

*Brave Android 1.0.52 based on
Chromium Android 67.0.3396.87
(Latest Stable Release)

Surely needs work…

Updates on Brave Android Sync
Implement sync feature · Issue #137 · brave/browser-android-tabs · GitHub

Group Sync
Add ability to create sync group on Android · Issue #302 · brave/browser-android-tabs · GitHub

Keep working on it!
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Hi all, just a quick update.

Last time I heard, Android, iOS and brave-core sync is planned to arrive in September (if not changed!). So please hang tight. :slight_smile:

cc @Serg @samartnik @LaurenWags. is that should be happens?


Exciting! Very eager. Thanks for the update.


This features i really need


Just wanted to bump this thread. If bookmark sync between Android iOS and PC/macos existed I would be using brave as my primary browser over chrome!


Its september. Any update? The mac app let me use the QR code to sync but the Android app doesnt have any QR reader


@airiartev Still no date. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your patience.


@Kamphuijs, thanks for bringing this topic up. +1 as I would really love to have this feature as well.


To anyone still active on this thread,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the team and express your desire for this feature. While unfortunately I still cannot give you a timeline or projected release date, rest assured that Sync is a high priority for us and and it is important that it be released with full functionality when it rolls out. Our Android team is extremely talented and driven. You couldn’t handpick a better team for the job.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding of our circumstances regarding the wait for Sync, the many additional projects being worked on (Brave 1.0 included) and the painstaking process of software development in general.

If you’d like to track progress on Brave Sync for Android or if you’re interested in diving into the code and helping us implement the feature yourself, you can find the main issue/discussion logged here:

As well as a list of other open issues regarding Sync here:

Given that the team is well aware of the demand for Sync and the project is already in production, I’m going to close this topic in an effort to better organize and find top priority/urgent support requests. The topic will remain listed on the site for your reference.

Thank you