Brave Sync for Android


Any status updates on sync for Android? I have a tablet, a phone, and an iMac that all need sync capabilities.


Just found out about Brave. MUST have sync between Android and Windows for bookmarks, etc. before I can adopt.


I wanted to switch completely to Brave browser. But, this is the missing part.

Please add the sync feature for Android.


The team has released a beta version for sync testing purposes.


Just installed Brave and very impressed. I was so impressed that I immediately installed the Android app as well. The excitement I had was quickly extinquished when I learned I could not sync between the two and the last update here was 10 months ago. The github issue has no comments. There goes even trying this as my daily driver.


Surely there must be work being done on this topic - but why the lack of communication?


It is critical for this feature to be implemented in order for many people to use Brave as their default browser.

Any input?


Any update of this? I think this should be a priority


Wondering if we can get some kind of update? I want to make this browser my daily driver soooo bad.


Hi all, the team is working on Sync for mobile (Android, iOS). So far no ETA, but AFAIK it’s almost finish. Thanks for your patience.



So glad to hear that! Looking forward to it.


100% agree with what others are saying. This is the only thing that forces me to keep using Chrome. At least add manual export/import between android-desktop, android/android or syncing data to Google account. Anything!

I’ve used brave for 6 months on two android devices, having to add every single bookmark and password manually to both and now I am switching to a new phone and discover that I have to do it all again. that’s just madness. I won’t be using brave anymore until functionality for some kind of sync has been added.


I use Lastpass with Brave so i don’t miss sync so much.


Many of us do use a password synchronizer, but that still means we need a way to synchronize our bookmarks. Especially now that LastPass has dumped Xmarks.


Glad to hear about it! :grinning:


@Jacalz Time for an update on this? Is it still in the works?

EDIT: I will reply to myself… Updates can be found here


How can I download the Brave Beta to my Android phone?

I don’t see it in the Google Play Store.

I want to try out the sync feature right away.



@akubot You can download it from Github under Android builds, but sync is still being worked on by the team.


Is there a ETA on the release of sync for Andriod?

Once the bookmark sync is released for Andriod I’m gonna ditched Chrome for good and use Brave as my default browser.


Is there any forecast of when it will be available?