Brave Sync for Android


Is it possible to implement a bookmark sync for android as well? It would be nice to sync the folder Mobile Bookmarks on android with a new folder on my laptop also called Mobile Bookmarks.



Sync for android is in the works :wink:


Cheers! Looking forward to it


i too really want a sync option for brave browser Android. the sync option should help to sync all including settings, bookmarks etc…


Hope it comes soon. Only thing holding me back from committing to Brave


Thank you for working on this.


I agree, it is the only thing holding back my adoption of Brave completely.


This text will be blurredYou could download the apk of the latest beta release if you’d like to test sync :wink:Though do note that it might be buggy and might not work 100% perfectly :grin:

As of now it is:


I’ve installed the beta-staging apk and synced with Brave on my mac. But at the moment I can only see an empty Mobile Bookmarks folder on Android and it’s not looking as it’s going to work at all.
I’ve also tried to close and re-open the apps and to re-sync. Still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?


Same here. This is what’s holding me back too right now. I need to be able to sync between my desktop computers and my phones.


I wonder if you guys could put a Beta Test Program on PlayStore.

Would be really nice if I didn’t have to get out the official store to see new features. :smile:


This would be a great feature, now that I set Brave as my almighty default browser in Android/Windows. :smiley:


Completely in agreement with everyone here - it’s the last usability step required for my switch over, and I can’t wait!


Thank you. I’ll make a complete switch from Firefox once, you implement that.


Any updates on this? I’ve downloaded the the most up to date on my Android, I don’t see any sync options yet.


Would love to see this implemented to, but I would also want them to fix the syncing in the desktop browser first.
I have Brave on 3 different machines, and have sync on all of them. But the bookmarks on my bookmark bar are different on one of the systems. I’ve reset the sync, and no difference. It’s a pain in the backside.


Exactly what everyone else has said. I would really like Brave Sync for Android. It’s one of two things keeping me from fully embracing Brave for all my devices. Is there a release window or a beta at this point?


Let me express my interest in this as well. Sync for Android has been the single big blocker preventing me from making a full switch to Brave (total of about 4 devices). I’ve been checking this post and other posts for about a year now to see whether there have been any news, but nothing so far :frowning: . Once Sync (bookmarks is enough) arrives I can switch all 4 devices together!


I think I will +1 on this topic too. Sync for Android will be hugely useful.


Believe me, without SYNC - no future ! We already wait toooooo long !