Brave sync error

I recently did a clean windows reinstallation from windows 11 to windows 10 and to secure my brave information such as my bats and other things I copy pasted all the user data of brave by following all the steps that were given in an old community post. After getting all my data back the sync stopped working. It says the following
"Brave could not access your operating system’s safe storage. This is what’s used to secure data such as passwords and cookies; it’s also required for Brave Sync to connect your browser profile between devices. This means Brave Sync is not running. To resolve this issue, please see the [Brave Sync troubleshooting guide]‘’

It has been almost a month since I did this and it has not fixed. I hope someone will help me.

My brave version is v1.44.105
I have my android device on the same sync chain.

@takawa In the future, try to search for issues similar before posting, if you could. This was a known issue that’s been discussed many times now. If you used the search feature on this site to search for Brave could not access your operating system’s safe storage you would have found things such as the post below with your answer(s).

TL:DR = go to brave://sync-internals and then click Disable Sync (Clear Data) and then add to sync chain again.

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Thank you soo much and sorry for not searching it up. I really appreciate your reply.

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All good. Hope I didn’t come across rude. I just am occasionally trying to nudge people into looking into topics before posting, as it definitely helps us out by not having to repeat the same info on a regular basis. Also less repeating info/posts makes answers easier to find.

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Well it sounded a little rude when I first read it but then I understood that you are just trying to help and you have to tell the same thing again and again to everyone and it becomes a Little frustrating. So, I understand what you are trying to say. So thank you my friend.