Brave Sync bugfix suggestion

xBrowserSync is a great free open source book syncing extension and andriod app. Brave sync is buggy and a suggestion would be to use the code from xBrowserSync to improve the Brave sync feature.


Good suggestion, really brave team needs to be open and include it , and make Brave better, Brave Sync is unstable buggy when I activate on Android it crashes and other device to.

I use this as my bookmark sync just because brave sync is not good! I like it so far!

That google sync was pretty cool though I understand we can’t do it without having a centralized server. Oh well.

I want a bookmark sync that is anonymous, encrypted and preferably decentralised. In the next version or two of xBrowserSync they will make it so you can add/edit bookmarks on Android by folder which will be great.

I been using xBrowserSync for a few days with around 1000-1500 bookmarks now and I have had no issues with it except for when I add or sort multiple bookmarks within a short spam of time, and sometime I add a bookmark and close the browser and it wont sync in time.

Heck even if Brave just scraps their sync feature and integrates this into their desktop and mobile browser and create their own xBrowserSync server I will be happy, The perk of xBrowserSync over other bookmark syncing is that it is cross browser, you can sync between Chrome, Chromium, Brave and Firefox and not be locked into a specific browser.

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