Brave Sync android

I have a problem with synchronization. After entering the code and synchronization, I have several devices in the chain. I can’t delete any of them. It synchronizes the same bookmarks to me several times. Later, I need to view and delete duplicate bookmarks. It even restores those bookmarks that were once deleted. I would ask for help in solving the problem.

could someone fix it? I have the same problem … I can’t get out of the chain what I put together on the computer


I can’t help you with this specific problem. But please note that sync is highly unstable and has been this way for ages. It used to be labeled “beta” to warn users. But Brave management decided to drop the beta label for marketing purposes.

But it used to be good. There were no problems. Will this error be fixed?

There is a new version of sync currently being tested in the nightly builds. If and when it will make its way into a general release nobody knows.

Let’s hope the best. But it is a shame that for years Brave was not willing or able to offer a way to import/export or sync bookmarks on mobile. In my opinion this is highly unprofessional.

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Thanks for your feedback.
Please remember that we’re not just building “a sync platform”. We have to build a Sync platform that:

  1. Does not store your data in a cloud or server anywhere
  2. Is encrypted end-to-end such that even if someone were to intercept your information, they would not be able to read or access it
  3. Is private ever from Brave team – meaning that each instance of a Sync chain must be done/made anonymously.

So if someone asked you to build a fence around a house, you’d say “No problem, I’ll get started right away!”. But if someone asked you to build a fence around a house while blindfolded, you might say “Uhhh sure…Let me figure out how I want to do this…”

Point being that building Sync, on a basic level, is not an easy task, let alone the additional restrictions we have placed on ourselves. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to get new features like Sync up and ready for everyone to use.


Then please label this feature as beta so people are warned. Is this too much to ask? How stubborn can you be?