Brave Sync and verification my channel

I can`t use the factor of Brave Sync and neither I can´t check correctly my channel

Can you provide more information about your “issues”? Only title and screenshots is n really helpful.

Of course, I gonna show two screenshot, I hope that be helpful.
I can send me reward of my phone and i havent the option Brave sync

Did you see your channel listed here

And for Sync, it’s because it’s temporarily disabled. Will be re-enabled when the team release Sync v2.

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No, I didn´t see my channel of Twitter and Youtube

How can I do to see my channels there?

Are you sure you’re already verify your channels correctly on

I consider that yes.

In this picture, you can see that my channels is joining to Brave.
Is it good? Or how?

Senior @eljuno ???

Can you retry the verification process @aponho ? Your channel should be shown here too if it’s verified correctly.

I don’t know to do…

Then it’s verified @aponho.

@eljuno Yes and no because I can`t send me the tips, although my account is verified

If you want to withdrawal your BAT from mobile wallet, wait until the feature is supported. Android Uphold Wallets Launch and Introducing Minimum BAT Thresholds

No, I want to withdrawal my BAT of all my devices(table, mobile, other portable).
Then if i have well verified my Twiitter account, I could sent BAT where I want,
So that I need the necessary information to fix this bug (Have verified my account and I can`t sent tips)

Now I also lost my all BAT from mobile wallet(6,7BAT)…

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