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So… I am openly critical about things I do and don’t like about anything, including Brave. For example, there is rampant censorship raging across all platforms, including Wikipedia - and yet - I still struggle there, and elsewhere, on the front lines to bring information, seek truth, and promote solutions.

So I’m researching and writing an article about WebTorrent from scratch and to my surprise, lo and behold… BRAVE SUPPORTS WEBTORRENT ! ! !

So Bravo to Brave !

You may freely read and improve my/this article:

I knew I kept using Brave Beta for a reason. I have not used my WebTorrent or BitChute for that matter, but I feel terrific knowing that Brave is embracing solutions for freedom, however you choose to express it - that’s up to you.

That said, is there any chance that Brave could also support the Protocol Labs interrelated suite of IPFS, IPLD, Multiformats, libp2p, and Filecoin? If you were to embrace those you’d be first to see the future of the Decentralized Web. Many new things will be coming down the pipes, assuming they don’t censor them. From social media to DTube to whatever - all with potential to earn you money, perhaps even a living, doing stuff you’d otherwise do for free on Facebook, Google, etc. (I do it for free anyway, but some folks like the incentive.)

Wikipedia censors some of my efforts, so rather than point you to their guard dogged IPFS article, I’ll point you to my uncensored, fuller detailed article here:

The future is looking bright, as my recent Wikipedia disambiguation expansion (so far uncensored) can attest:

Thanks for surprising me Brave.

~ Jason

P.S. If it happens that Brave is already supporting IPFS then I apologize and wish to know more. Also, you might want to get your publicity guys on that, as I the WebTorrent info was on their site whereas I’ve explored a lot regarding IPFS, by no means the authority, but I haven’t seen anything connecting Brave and IPFS. Then again, it seems to me that the corporate media don’t want to discuss or promote a free and open Decentralized Web or better alternatives and solutions.

P.P.S. I still hope for a far better vertical tab tree. Having been brutally abused a couple years ago in Google Chrome by the Sidewise addon problems that still persist to this day, I am better prepared for it’s very problematic limitations and for the most part have adjusted my “technique” to accommodate Sidewise in Brave - only because I’m growing more fond of Brave.


Is there an indicator for WebTorrent?
Like an optionally (default active) displayed icon in your address bar,
For example, the icon might be a square with one half download activity and the other half upload activity, colour coded to let you know when it’s active, complete, stalled, etc.
And/or a WebTorrent page, like a download page, where you can choose to continue or stop sharing select WebTorrent files.
Obviously when you close Brave the WebTorrent should stop, but if you reopen it we’d hope the WebTorrenting would continue.

Thanks in advance.


Love the dark theme. WAY better than most. Any chance for differently coloured links? (ie. Like the blue (link), purple (visited), red (missing), and orange (disambiguation), links on Wikipedia.)


@JasonCarswell I don’t know if you are aware but they recently went through a major overhaul of the browser and slowly transitioned to the now Brave-Browse-Core and the older Brave-Laptop-Muon has been deprecated.

The WebTorrent does have a few issues and they are logged at least some of them but haven’t manged to spend resources on that area of the browser just yet. I think shortly after some of their major issues are fixed they’ll establish proper fixes and probably enhancements to WebTorrent repository as well to make it function more efficiently and securely in Brave.


UPDATE: Sorry @JasonCarswell I didn’t mean for your question -

to get lost in my statement. Your multiple issue statement is quite messy to be honest.

Perhaps you can cc one of the moderators to give you a proper answer regarding those.

After getting your answer, I’d recommend bullet point/numbering all your requests above and posting it again more concisely in (New Topic) Brave Feature Requests - Desktop Requests (tagging WebTorrent) because I’d like to see some of the features as well and there’s currently no official WebTorrent feature issue lists in Github or the Community.

Finally here’s your request of better vertical tab tree -
If you look at the link posted on the top of the issue where it was carried over from, you’ll notice many of the team actually wish for this feature to arrive soon as well, like I said other important things right now have got them, is ‘boggled down’ an incorrect terms to use, well you know what I mean.

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