Brave suddenly stopped responding Win10: stuck in taskbar


I’ve been using Brave for awhile. Now, in my Win10 install (v1709, 16299.371) Brave shortcut on my taskbar will not open…other than a miniaturized window. It’s like Win10 will give me a preview, but refuses to run the program.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. No change.

It’s unusable.

Any ideas?


Hi c3k,

Thanks for reaching out to Brave. A number of users have reported this issue and we’re looking into a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime @sriram, @LaurenWags - do you have any ideas for what c3k might try?

Asad @ Brave


I have Brave installed on a second Win10 machine. It has the exact same build and version. Brave works fine.

I’ve set both machines up very similarly, if not identically. FWIW.


Are you able to maximize the window? or is it just out of focus on your main screen? Could you try pressing Alt+Space together and select M and use arrow keys to move the window into the screen?

Brave starts but window not showing Issue #11588, #3558
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No, I cannot maximize the icon on the taskbar. Hovering the mouse over the icon enlarges it, slightly, so instead of an icon I see a postage stamp preview of the page. Left- or right-clicking does nothing. As soon as the mouse moves off the icon/preview it reverts back to the icon.

Alt-space opened up a minimize/maximize window. I selected “M”, maximize. Now it works!


This seems to’ve been a stupidly basic issue. Hopefully it wasn’t a PEBCAP related problem. :wink:




Glad that it worked. Will be closing the issue for now. You can create a new thread if you face any other problems.

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