Brave Submission To F-Droid: Free & Open Source App Repository


I am just getting started with the Brave web browser and I must say that it is truly awesome! Thank you so much Brave developers for making this amazing application.

I use a custom android rom called Lineage OS and F-Droid, because keeping things as free and open source as possible is of the utmost importance to me for personal privacy and security.

I would love to give Brave a try on my smartphone, but unfortunately I can not find a direct link to the .apk file without having to go through the Google Play Store. Which I do not have on my smartphone.

Can you please provide a direct hyperlink to the Brave.apk file on your website, and/or submit the Brave code to the F-Droid Free & Open Source App Repository?

Looking forward to your reply. Take care and stay awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the request @limitlessguru,

We do have a request open for this, it can be tracked here:

Additionally, Brave can always be downloaded directly from GitHub. Here’s the link for latest version


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