Brave stops working for a few seconds

Hi, I’m using Linux Fedora 36 fully updated. The bug I’m facing is that the hole browser stops responding for like 3 seconds when it gets idle for a few seconds, then it goes back to normal, until the next time it stays idle for a few seconds again.
PS: when it freezes, audio still plays normally; if viewing a video, it does not freezes.

Do you typically have a bunch of tabs, or the same set of sites, open when this happens?

Do you have any extensions installed?

Yes, I have lots of tabs open, tho they’re suspended (by an extension, in order to not eat all the ram), and I have several extensions installed (17 of them).

Interestingly, if I leave two windows open side by side, with one playing a video, and the other for browsing, it does not freeze, but if I put the browsing one to full screen, it does freezes.

OK. The extensions are where I would start, then. I suggest disabling all of them and see if the issue continues.

Or, create a new profile and try things in that profile – but make sure your original profile does not have any open windows; only the new profile should be open.

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