Brave stopped showing any sponsored images

Last night Brave was showing the sponsored images a lot on the new tab page. This morning, however, all sponsored images are gone from the page. I refreshed a few times, but still, no rewards showed. I am running the public release of Brave, and I checked to ensure that the sponsored images toggle is on.


Thanks for reporting, What country are you based in?

I am based in the US.


:point_up: Are you saying that you don’t see any sponsored images or that you don’t see your Rewards balance increase when you do see an image?

I don’t see any sponsored images at all. :thinking: And when I refresh 10 times in a row, I never see a sponsored image whatsoever.

now all version dont see ads tab new . please fix as soon

Also others in the US are saying that they have the same issue, does anyone know how I can refresh the images or something?

@Codesalot are you using VPN? Is your computer’s region set to the US?

No, I do not have a VPN enabled. I am in Missouri, U.S.A. Should I enable a VPN?

Thanks. New Sponsored Images are rolling out soon. There was no inventory this morning which is why you experienced this.

Okay, thank you so much for your effort! :grinning:

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