Brave stopped it from working


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So Brave blocked my crypto address for a specific crypto. I had to turn off all shields for it to finally show up.


It responds fine on my computer. Would you provide more information like the operating system and how to reproduce the error?

Also try checking your shield settings.

Can you please be more specific/detailed when leaving requests?

What do you mean Brave “blocked” it? Can you be more specific about what type of address is being “blocked”? What exactly was the action you were attempting to perform? You turned off all Shields and then what, exactly, “finally showed up”? What Brave version are you using?

Meaning there was no address. It’s a crypto address where people send you crypto.

It was nowhere to be found until I turned off all shields & then it showed up.

Version 1.28.105


Let me tag @fanboynz here to take a closer look at what’s being blocked and why. Appreciate your patience.

@OurFreeSociety Rolled out a fix, give it 24hrs.

As a temp solution try @@||^$generichide into brave://adblock

Ok, that worked for about 10 minutes & then stopped & then I had to take down the shields again b/c I’m doing trades & I can’t even click on the confirm button.

Hey @OurFreeSociety

Just checked, shields up (no extensions/other lists enabled). Using latest, Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1037

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