Brave Still Crashing after 8/2 or 8/3 update. Today is 8/4/18


New Update, Brave still crashing often. It doesn’t seem to matter when. Streaming, searching. Sometimes as soon as 2 or 3 minutes after opening. Sometimes it will work for a longer time.
Started immediately after previous (before the 8/2 8/3 latest) update.
Windows 10
HP year old laptop.
This renders Brave completely unusable which is a shame because it’s my favorite.
Hope you can fix it soon.
EDIT ADDITION, I CAN NO LONGER KEEP BRAVE OPEN FOR ONE MINUTE, USING ANOTHER BROWSER NOW. REALLY LIKED BRAVE, HOPE YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT SOON AND FIX IT. Please email all of us when fixed, you have a promisingly wonderful browser plan. If you fix it I’ll be back.


I also crash ALL the time - tbh close to change browser, even tho i love this project, but this is

I crashed like 20 times just today!


Hi @Brave1 and @kNOCKEYY

Sorry to hear about these crashes. Can you please navigate to chrome://crashes and grab the latest Uploaded Crash Report Ids? They’ll be near the top of the list.



I’m sorry it took time to reply. Not sure if you mean to search it online… which has some various solutions but not sure which one would be safe to try. Not sure about changing a tray app name? Or did you mean look it up on the Brave browser, Brave is crashing to quickly now to do anything. Crashes before it’s fully loaded or within one minutes after.
Or did you mean to find a path in file explorer and search for chrome://crashes.
Another problem often occurring, I try to go to a tab and it slips out of the browser and opens up, not just that page but a whole new Brave browser with all my current tabs.
However I can’t do much with it as it crashes before anything can be done.
I’m packing up my home to move so personal time to work on this is limited unfortunately.
I ran AV with a clean report.
Thank you Lauren.
I have one more VERY IMPORTANT question. Why isn’t Brave in any program files? Mozilla is. I’ve just been through my computer, again. I can’t find any files for it except for the .exe in downloads. In search it comes up as a desktop app. Brave is kind of like a phantom on my computer. I was trying to find a way to scan it directly without running a 3 hours scan on my whole computer again.
So what is Brave???


We’re currently tracking the crashes with the issue below. We believe we’ve found the root cause and are working on getting a release out ASAP:

If you’re on Windows, your Brave profile folder is located in %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming



Hello All -

An updated version was released to resolve crashes. Please checkout version 0.23.79 and let us know how it works for you.



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