Brave Stats - Display Monthly Stats

Regarding Brave Stats displayed on the New Tab Page, “Trackers & Ads Blocked, Est. Data Saved, Est. Time Saved”, I think it would be more useful to display monthly stats rather than a total since install, because a total number over time just ends up being noise/garbage data. However, getting stats for the past 30 days helps contextualize the time saved. You might even select a timescale to view the data by, daily/weekly/annually.

If you wanted to take it a step further, as you aggregate monthly reports, perhaps you can view your browsing habits over time, and how much time you saved each month, year, etc.

I think there should also be an option to reset/clear your Brave Stats, and to disable tracking/recording entirely, if the user so chooses, just to keep it clean, and under the user’s control/preference.

Note that this is already a feature on mobile — I believe we have plans to bring it to Desktop but I’ll have to check and confirm: