Brave Startup Options

Hey, sorry about that! @Mattches do you have any idea what these do?

Only a couple of days before this closes again; any updates?


Sorry for the late response – I’m looking into this now. Appreciate your patience.

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Hi @Spooky_Electric, apologies for missing you the first time. I’m reopening this thread. @Mattches can you please give us an update here?

So sorry for letting this go unanswered – simply got lost in the shuffle and I apologize for that.

The options you’re referencing are relevant chromium (and Brave custom) command line switches that are on (or off) by default.

By the looks of it, this is all standard affairs and would likely show up the same for any [Windows] user. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to tell you exactly what each switch does without going in and comparing it with the source code.

For example, the --enable-dom-distiller switch is used to support Brave Ads. Does this answer your question sufficiently?

Thanks for the response and the list of command line switches (there’s a LOT). It helps but the confusing thing is that in the list I provided, not all of the switches are listed and some that are, have no description of what the switch does.

My concern is that Brave’s premise is better security which we are all for, but seeing the program’s startup settings occasionally change with these switches and not knowing what’s happening is suspicious, especially when it’s a security program that’s telling you that the startup parameters have changed and we don’t know why or the change’s effects.

Any additional insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.