Brave Starts With New Tab NOT working, restores previous closed


Every time I open brave it brings back previously closed window including pinned tabs. I do NOT want it to open each time with previous tabs. I have selected ‘Brave Starts With A New Tab’ in preferences.

I have tried closing the pinned tabs, then closing brave but still every time open the same.


Hi @ethone1,
Thanks for reporting!

I’m not able to reproduce on my Win laptop with Brave 0.23.19. Setting Brave starts with to a new tab open a new, single tab when I open Brave. Pinned tab will always there, AFAIK, even you set it to open new tab.

Can you provide your OS and your Brave version from about:brave (type it on URL bar).



And how do I get rid of pinned tabs?
MAC, 0.23.19 also.


@ethone1, if you right/command click on the pinned tab, you can select “Unpin tab” from the menu :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


The issue here is that once that is done, every time you launch Brave it brings up previous window with pinned tabs, even after you have closed those pin’s.


Okay I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I don’t have a fix for you just yet, but this issue has been logged and is currently being looked at by the team. You can track progress here



No problem, thank you for the attention and help. I will keep eye on that thread.


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