Brave starts very slow

I installed and configured Brave yesterday.
Once Brave has started, it’s very fast, but to start Brave it takes at least 5 seconds.
I had Firefox before and that starts in less than one second.

Why is this, and what can I do about it?
And do you need any other information?

Hi @BravR,

What Brave version that you’re using? And your OS?


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I have a Windows 10 PC with Brave version 0.25.2!

It is still slow… Or is that just how it is?

Hi @BravR,
Apologize for late response.

Actually it’s a known issue with 0.25.x version. It may be vary from user to user. Like if it’s open previous sessions, long history entries, etc.

But I can confirm that the new version, 0.55.x and up are working faster.

Automatic update for the current users is coming in weeks, if not changed. But if you want, you can download it now via

You can then import your browser data (but it’ll not import your Brave Rewards wallet, yet, if you have one) from the current Brave. Note that this version is still work-in-progress so may have missing features.


Thanks! I updated it and it is faster now. Is it right that I can’t use extensions?

Never mind, I found it already!

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