Brave starts in windowed mode across multiple screens...why?


Every time I start Brave, it opens spanned across two monitors (just barely) in windowed mode. I want it to open up full-screen maximized every time so it conforms to the aspect of just one monitor…the last monitor it was open on.

I have two monitors, a 27" 2k in landscape and another 24" HD in portrait mode for viewing webpages and forms. The Windows 10 display settings are correct and proper.

It does not matter which monitor Brave was last open on. When I open again a sliver of the window appears on the other monitor. It will not open in full-screen no matter what I try–only in a window that is very close to the same size of full-screen.

Any insight/solutions are welcome, and thanks!


Please post what Brave version you are using from the about:Brave page and your OS, thanks.

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