Brave started crashing after reinstalling windows 11

Description of the issue:

I had reset my windows 11 on 5 oct due to some performance issues. I had kept my personal files during this reset. I downloaded only three software after reset of my laptop i.e. Firefox browser, Citrix Workspace and Brave Browser. Since then Brave browser has crashed 8 times. Keep in mind, I spent less than 3 hours on laptop in that time span. Only extension, I have is BitWarden. I have not changed any setting and I have not set Brave as default browser. Before reset of my laptop, Brave never crashed.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Still haven’t figured out any pattern behind these crashes.

Expected result:

Brave shouldn’t be crashing randomly.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.58.137 Chromium: 117.0.5938.153 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Currently I am using MSI laptop. It has Windows 11 Home Single Language (version: 22H2). OS Build is 22621.2283.

I have uploaded crash reports:

  • 74960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 76960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 77960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 7b960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 7c960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 7f960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 83960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

  • 84960800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

Add another one to list.

  • 9ca20800-52b7-d30a-0000-000000000000

@udit5656 Does this crash on launch or are you able to use Brave for a while? Ideally I’d like you to try to add a new profile and test with it, making sure you don’t add any extensions or change any settings. It can help narrow down issues if we see it doesn’t crash in a new profile.

When you say reset, did you do a full factory restore where it started as if it’s a brand new PC or did you just reset/restore to a prior save point? (Guess kind of figuring out if it wiped all data or perhaps saved some)

So you didn’t have Brave on and you downloaded from OR where did you download from?

I am able to use Brave for a while. Till now, there has been around 20-30 minutes gap between crashes.

Will try to do so in 1-2 days.

I performed a full factory restore where it started as if it’s a brand new laptop.

I downloaded Brave from

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@Saoiray I have been using Brave using new profile from last few days and crashes are still happening. Day before yesterday, I upgraded my laptop ram from 8 gb to 24 gb. Crashes still happening after upgrade. Almost all the times, I have been using youtube. Usually 3-4 tabs.

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